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Vita Green Health Products Collection

Vita Green Health Products Collection

Vita Green already has over 550 staffs, 3 GMP certified pharmaceutical factories, 6 overseas offices, over 60 specialty shops and 10 consignment counters all over Hong Kong and Macau. Vita Green owns tens of original brands and more than 150 products that sell across Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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Extra Strength Uricsil 60s.

Formulated with a blend of Chinese medicine herbs for alleviating high uric acid levelTackles the root cause of high uric acid by clearing heat, dissipating dampness and improving chi circulation.IngredientsGrape Seed, Bayberry, Mango leaf, Apigenin, Colla Corii AsiniProduct InformationWhere does ur..


Extra Strength Vita Joint 60s.

Alleviates symptoms including discomfort, stiffness, numbness and weaknessBeneficial for sports injuries, old-age related joint conditions, male hip complaints and women with knee problemsIngredientsBainiuxi, Ganoderma Lucidum (Lingzhi), Angelicae Pubescentis Radix, Poria, Gentianae Macrophyllae Rad..


Herba Precious 30's

A blend of 20 premium Chinese herbs based on ancient Chinese Emperor Qianlong's secret rejuvenating formulaDesigned to strengthen kidney, liver and circulatory healthRelieve dizziness, improving ear healthIngredientsRadix Ginseng, Ganoderma, Cornu Cervi Pantotrichum, Colla Cornus Cervi, Carapax et P..


Vita Green VessoBest 60s.

Vita Green VessoBest is formulated to enhance cardiovascular health. It is made from premium Yunnan Wenshan Panax notoginseng combined with authentic Salvia militiorhiza and Cratargi pinnatifida, which can help restore vessel elasticity. Natural ingredientsRestore blood vessel elasticityClear b..


Vita Joy 90'S

Tackles the causes of emotional instability by restoring balance to the chi, blood and other affected systems of the bodyAfter only a few weeks, you can expect to feel happier and more energetic as specific herbs nourish brain function and elevate the moodIngredientsOs Draconis, Concha Ostreae, Fruc..


Yunzhi Essence 60'S

A precious mushroom that research has shown can help seriously ill patients have a better chance of survivalDeters unwelcome cell replicationAlleviates side effects of clinical treatments such as mouth ulcers, vomiting and loss of appetiteIngredients100% natural wild YunzhiProduct InformationUnivers..


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