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Doctor's Choice Vitamins And Supplements Series

Doctor's Choice Vitamins And Supplements Series

The Doctor’s Choice vitamins and supplements series introduced to Hong Kong 20 years ago has proven to be very popular among the more westernized population providing a wide range of products for consumers to choose. In 2015, Doctor’s Choice has been awarded Gold & Platinum “The Trusted Brand” by Reader’s Digest consecutively for 12 years.

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Doctor's Choice Blood Support (Iron+Vitamin C) 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianVitamin C enhances iron absorption and utilizationSelected iron is less gastric irritating and better absorbedImproves immunityBoosts vitalityEnhances blood formationIron is a vital nutrient for top physical and mental health, playing an important r..


Doctor's Choice Liquid Fortified Bone Support 120s.

·         -Specially formulated by physician·         -This product is better absorbed than calcium tablet·         -Calcium helps strengthen healthy bones, teeth & muscles·         -Vitamin D3 en..


Doctor's Choice Liquid Fortified Joint Support 120s.

·         -Specially formulated by physician·         -Liquid form is easy for absorption·         -Type II Collagen alleviates joint pain·         -Chondroitin reduces cartilage damagen Each Tab..


Doctor's Choice Multivitamin for Men 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianContains optimal daily dosage of vitamins and mineralsEnhances immunity, vitality and brain powerHelps to relieve stressTrace elements fulfill hidden needsBusy lives make extra demands on our bodies and a healthy diet alone may not be enough to supp..


Doctor's Choice Multivitamin for Women 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianContains optimal daily dosage of vitamins and mineralsReplenishes iron and improves complexionEnhances immunity and vitalityStrengthens bones and jointsRejuvenates and prevents aging-Specially formulated by physician-Contains optimal daily dosage of..


Doctor's Choice Sleep Support (Melatonin) 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianRegulates sleep-wake rhythmHelps resolve jet lag problemPromotes easy and deep sleep-Specially formulated by physician-Regulates sleep-wake rhythm-Helps resolve jet lag problem-Promotes easy and deep sleepIngredient:Melatonin 3mgNote: Please fo..


Doctor's Choice Super Omega 3 (High Concentration) 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianPremium Omega 3 oil extracted from natural AnchoviesConcentrated natural EPA and DHA up to 3-fold with no filter oilOptimal dosage to protect cardiovascular healthEnhances brain and eye healthReduces joint stiffness and discomfortsSpecially formulat..


Doctor's Choice Vitamin B Complex 60s.

Description: Specially formulated by physicianPromotes brain healthRelieves fatigue and tensionNatural Vitamin B12 (cyanide-free)The B group of vitamins work together to perform vital functions in the body such as helping to release energy from food and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Vit..


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