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Sanjin Watermelon Frost Insufflations 3g

  • Product Code: 827252000012
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Product Details
Clearing heat and detoxicating, cleaning pharynx and disinhibiting larynx, relieving pain

Pieces per Container

1 Tube

Product Usage

Spray this product on the affected part, 3-6 times daily, 2-4 spraying each time, For serious symptoms, the patient may take orally, 0.3-0.5g one time, 1-2 times daily.

Product Warnings

1. Unique effect, obvious action. This product is broad antibiotic, has good functions of antibiosis, anti-virus, diminishing inflammation and dispelling swelling, reliewing pain, settling cough, dispelling phlegm, boosting ulcerative union, reinforcing imunity, etc.
2. High curative effect, broad application scope. It has specific effects to many kinds of the inflammatory diseases in throat, throat voice, and upper respiratory tract, etc.
3. Instant effect, downbearing fire, clearing heat, diminishing inflammation and relieving pain fast. Normally the pain may be relieved in 5-10 minutes after spraying the product. After spraying for numerous times its symptoms may be cleared. the signs of body and hemogram around the affected part may be recovered normally.
4. has specific effects to stomatocace, mouth and tongue ulcer, stomatitis, tongue body inflammation, toothache etc. Generally after spraying numerous times, its ulcer may be healed instantly. For toothache, one time use relieve pain or remit it obviously.
5. To treat and prevent at the same time, has double good actions of treatment and prevention for the inflammatory diseases in throat, throat voice, and oral cavity etc. For the symptoms: dry pharynx and mouth, itchy larynx, dry cough, hoarse voice, bad breath etc caused by smoking, drinking, the stimulation of pungent-hot foods, overworked throat, tiredness, etc. It has the good actions of treatment and prevention.
6. It's safe to take for both old and young.
7. Overuse of this product may cuase health problems.

Storage Condition

Sealed tightly, moisture-proof

Target Group

All ages


Clearing heat and detoxicating, clearing pharynx and disinhibiting larynx, relieving pain



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