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This Korean made high casserole/saucepan is truly an ideal choice for impressing your guests when inviting them round international cuisines!


Its elegant shapes, curves and features combined with its smoothness and the selection of high-quality solid materials are what define this state-of-the-art cookware, making it highly presentable on all occasions and complimentary to kitchens of all kinds.


What’s more, this Korean’s “Pin Up” Award winning design is renowned in Korea because of its:


  • SELF-BASTING EFFECT: Our aluminium lid is fitted with spikes underneath to allow moisture to condense into liquid before dripping back into the pot.
  • OVERFLOW PREVENTION CONTROL: Our unique revolving on/off knob design prevents liquid from boiling over while controlling evaporation.
  • MAXIMISE HEAT EFFICIENCY: This superb design ensures an even distribution of steam pressure across all corners within this cookware.
  • CONVENIENCE & SAVE SPACE: Our unique design ensures the lid can stand at an upright and stable position.
  • INDUCTION COOKING: our casseroles and saucepans can be used on induction cooker also.

In addition, like all e.Window® cookwares, our products’ inner surfaces are covered with a layer of Nano Silver Marble Ceramica Art coating designed with:


  • antibacterial function;
  • non-stick function and
  • the protection of food from being in direct contact with harmful substances such as PTFE or PFOA;

Made in Korea

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