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Metro Chinese Medicine Cistanche 60'S

HK$360.00 HK$450.00

1) 100% Natural
Metro Chinese Medicine Series – Cistanche is purely natural. No chemical substance is added during the manufacturing process. The product is free of pharmaceutical substance and has no side effect. High quality Cistanche has been selected as the raw material. It is grown in unpolluted area without any chemical pesticides and fertilizers and it is certified as an organic product.

2) Innovative purifying and extraction technique
The active substances in Cistanche are extracted by the innovative purifying technique, while the other inactive substances in Cistanche are removed. The concentration of the two active substances, Phenylethanoid Glycosides and Echinacoside, are greatly increased.

3)30:1 extraction
1kg of Metro Chinese Medicine Series – Cistanche is extracted from 30kg of Cistanche. The active substance Phenylethanoid Glycosides reaches 60% and Echinacoside reaches 25% and therefore producing significant effects on human bodies.

4)100% Hong Kong GMP Production
Metro Chinese Medicine Series – Cistanche is manufactured in Hong Kong under the most stringent regulatory standard – GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Pesticide residue, microbial and heavy metal content had been examined by an internationally recognized laboratory – SGS. The results fulfill the standard for proprietary Chinese medicine in Hong Kong.


  • Enhances men vitality
  • Regulates Yang and suitable for people concerned about kidney health
  • Anti-aging

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