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Fortified ISee 60s


  • Nourish eye fatigue and dryness
  • Improve eye sight
  • Maintain high visual sensitivity
  • Provide eye nutrients

Herba Dendrobiie、Goji、Marigold Flower, Bilberry

Product Information

Eye Degeneration happens everyday Electronics screen hurts eyes sight

  • Strong blue ray emission is harmful to eye sight
  • Flashing screen forces pupil to keep adjusting. Constant eye motion accelerates eye fatigue
  • Focusing on the screens lowers the frequency of eye blinking. Eye dryness is easily resulted Contact lens
  • Wearing contact lens for more than 8 hours can easily trigger eye dryness and even blurred vision
  • Fashion/colored contact lens could easily cause dry eyes and cornea infection Aging and vision degeneration
  • Eye nutrients depletion caused by natural degeneration or other health problems
  • Aging liver and kidneys would easily affect eye health LASIK and eye surgery
  • Pupil will be enlarged during eye surgery and that may loosen eye focus onto the macular area of the central retina after eye surgery
  • Lack of nutrients lowers eye acuity Zeaxanthin & Lutein are essential With basic structures such as cornea, iris, lens, etc., eyes detect and regulate the brightness of the surrounding environment.
Suitable For
Those who often use computers, mobile phones and those with dry, tired or pink/reddish eyes, blurred eyesight or eyesight decay.
Take orally, 2 capsules, once daily

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