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Yunzhi Essence 360'S


  • A precious mushroom that research has shown can help seriously ill patients have a better chance of survival
  • Deters unwelcome cell replication
  • Alleviates side effects of clinical treatments such as mouth ulcers, vomiting and loss of appetite

100% natural wild Yunzhi

Product Information

University research into wild Yunzhi harvested by Vita Green showed an extract of the fungus significantly deterred unwelcome cellular growth in the blood, lung, liver and large intestine. It has also been clinically proven to reduce the incidence of side effects such as mouth ulcers and vomiting during hospital treatments. Patients’ appetites improve and energy levels may be boosted. Yunzhi Essence contains the pure extract of top grade wild Yunzhi that are rich in proteins, lipids, polysaccharides PSK/PSP, peptiglucans, triterpenoids, lignin, amino acids and trace elements, all of which can strengthen bodily functions. Proprietary low temperature technology is used to effectively extract the active ingredients, meaning Yunzhi Essence contains exceptionally high bioactives and is readily absorbed by the human body. Please see this study for more information.

Suitable For
Those who are severely ill, prone to severe illness or with related family medical history, are suitable to take Yunzhi G.E. Essence for prevention.
  • Before treatment – Twice daily; 2-3 capsules each time
  • 1 week before until 1 week after treatment – Twice daily; 4 capsules each time
  • Post treatment – Twice daily; 2-3 capsules each time
  • Seriously ill - Twice daily; 4 capsules each time

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